Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in another clinical research study after I finish the one I am currently enrolled in?

Yes. If you qualify for another clinical research study, you may be eligible to participate in a new study after you've completed your current study.

Does participating in a clinical research study affect my health insurance?

Your health insurance is not affected by your participatin in a clinical research study. Also, your health insurance provider can't limit your benefits if you choose to enroll in a clinical research study.

How do I get qualified for a clinical research study?

Qualification guidelines for a clinical research study are determined by the pharmaceutical sponsor conducting the clinical study. The first step for you is to complete the Online Get Qualified form to start the process.

How long is a typical clinical research study and how much of my time will it take?

The exact duration and time commitment of a clinical research study varies from study to study. We will go over all of the study specifics with you during our initial screening to help you choose the study that best suits you.

What can I expect as a participant in a clinical research study at Plains Clinical Research Center?

Our clinical research center is set up as a medical clinic with comfortable, private exam rooms. We’ll provide a health screening that will involve quick paperwork, as well as a brief overview and collection of your personal medical history. From your health screen, we’ll be better able to determine which of our clinical trials you may qualify for and could potentially be the most beneficial to you. You’ll then decide if you’d like to move forward and participate in the clinical research study.

What clinical research studies are currently active?

Plains Clinical Research Center has a wide variety of clinical resarch studies at all times. We recommend that you visit our Current Studies page to see an updated list.